tipping at hotels in New York

Revolutionizing Tipping in the Hospitality Industry

tipping at hotels in New York
You know how they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do?" Well, when it comes to tipping at hotels in New York, it's the same idea. It's like a special thank-you for the people who make your stay extra comfy.

But before we get into all the juicy details, let me ask you a question. Have you ever stayed at a hotel before? Maybe with your family on vacation, or for a business trip? (else)

Okay! So, you know how there are always people working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly? From the friendly front desk staff who check you in, to the housekeeping elves who magically appear to restock your towels and leave a chocolate on your pillow even though you didn't request it (because they're awesome like that).

Now, imagine all of those hardworking people, working tirelessly behind the scenes, are like the invisible orchestra conductors of your hotel stay. They're the unsung heroes! And you know what? Leaving a little extra bongo bucks as a tip, (not the mandatory service charge, mind you) is a cool way to show your appreciation for all their hard work. It's like giving a virtual high-five, saying "You rock, unsung hotel heroes! Keep shining on!"

I know you're probably curious about the nitty-gritty details, so let's dive right in! For starters, it's important to know that gratuity is already included in your bill, via a mandatory service charge. It's usually around 10% to 12% of your total bill. Think of it like this: it's like leaving a good first impression, similar to a nicelast impression for a job interview; it's like packing a special 'thanks for having me' goodie bag for your hotel stay!

However, that's not all! You can also show your appreciation to the individuals who made your stay extra special. For instance, if you had a great concierge who gave you fabulous restaurant suggestions and even drew you a map (true story!), you could give them a little something extra, like a $20 bill as a tip. Boom! You've just made their day, and shown your gratitude in a tangible way. It's like surprising your server at a restaurant with a bigger tip than usual because they were fantastic!

And, if you're feeling generous, you can also give a little something to the hardworking housekeeping team. I mean, they're like ninjas - invisible, but always leaving a tidy room, complete with a cute little chocolate on your pillow and a personalized note that makes you go "awww." How about that?

All right, my young Padawan learner! Now you know the 411 on gratuity in hotels, with a big focus on New York. Here's a quick recap:

* Don't forget that mandatory service charge, my friend! It's already included in your bill and is like a special "Thank you for having me" gift.
* If you're feeling extra grateful, you can also give a little extra love to the people who helped make your hotel stay shine. Think concierge, housekeeping, or even a friendly bellhop who offered to help you with your bags. They're like personal superheroes in disguise!

Now you are ready to take on any hotel stay like a boss. Rock on, my young friend! And, as always, remember to be kind to one another, tip or no tip. (Just kidding, always tip. It's like a secret handshake; you'll get it when you're an elder like me).

So there you have it my dear, that's the deal with gratuity at hotels in a nutshell - or rather, a chocolate-covered strawberry (you'll understand in a minute). It's all about spreading the love and showing your appreciation for the unsung heroes of your hotel stay.

Now, let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard the phrase, "a tip is not a city in China"? No? Well, let me tell you, it's a clever play on words. You see, "tip" and "city" sound similar, but they have different meanings. A tip is a gratuity, a little something extra to show your appreciation, while a city is a big urban area like, well, New York City!

Now, do you want to hear a fun fact about New York City? It's my treat for you being such an awesome listener! Ready? Did you know that New York City has the largest Chinese population outside of Asia? Yep, that's right! And, if you ever find yourself in Chinatown, make sure to check out some of the yummiest dumplings this side of the Great Wall. They're like a little piece of heaven in every bite!

And on that tasty note, I hope you've enjoyed our little chat about gratuity in hotels. Remember, when in doubt, be like the golden rule and treat others the way you'd want to be treated. Or, as we say in the wise words of Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no try."

May the force be ever in your favor, young traveler! Now, go forth, spread the love, and make some unsung hotel heroes happy with a little something extra. Who knows? They might just magically appear and leave a chocolate on your pillow, too!

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