Tipping London vs New York

Revolutionizing Tipping in the Hospitality Industry

Tipping London vs New York

Tipping etiquette differs significantly between London and New York City. Here's a breakdown:


Other Services:

ServiceNew York CityLondon
Taxi drivers:10-15% tip or round up the fare.Round up the fare or a small tip (around £1-£2).
Hotel staff:Standard rates apply:
* Housekeeping: $3-$5 daily.
* Bellhops: $2-$3 per bag. | Tipping is less common but appreciated: 
* Housekeeping: £2-£5 per stay.
* Bellhops: £1-£2 per bag. |

| Bartenders: | 15-20% tip on the bill. | Similar to servers, tipping is not expected but a small tip is appreciated. |

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