Easy-to-use cashless tipping system for independent hotel owners.

Revolutionizing Tipping in the Hospitality Industry

Easy-to-use cashless tipping system for independent hotel owners.

Let’s delve into the Easy-to-use cashless tipping system offered by Scantotip, specifically tailored for independent hotel owners. 🏨💰

Scantotip: Empowering Independent Hotels with Cashless Tipping

1. What is Scantotip?

Scantotip is a modernized cashless tipping platform designed to enhance the tipping experience within the hospitality industry. Here’s how it caters specifically to independent hotel owners:

2. Ratings, Reviews, and Payroll Integration:

3. Displaying QR Codes Across Your Hotel:

4. Customized Pricing for Your Hotel:

Scantotip caters to boutique hotels and enterprises alike, empowering management and staff. Schedule a demo to explore how Scantotip can enhance your hotel’s tipping process and improve team retention and financial wellness

Remember, with Scantotip, you’re not just implementing a tipping system—you’re creating a positive experience for both guests and staff. 

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