A cutting-edge cashless tipping solution

Revolutionizing Tipping in the Hospitality Industry

A cutting-edge cashless tipping solution

Scantotip: A cutting-edge cashless tipping solution tailored for the hospitality industry, Scantotip revolutionizes the way guests express their appreciation to hotel staff. Here’s a concise overview:

  1. What is Scantotip?

    • Scantotip is a secure mobile tipping platform designed to facilitate cashless tipping within hotels.
    • It enables hotel guests to tip non-point of sale employees without cash, ensuring that hardworking staff receive the recognition they deserve.
  2. How Does Scantotip Work?

    • Scantotip operates via a web-based platform (with a mobile app available).
    • Unlike traditional QR code-based systems, Scantotip does not rely on individual QR codes for every associate. This flexibility streamlines the process for both guests and staff.
  3. Benefits for Hospitality Companies:

    • Mobile Tipping Solution: Scantotip provides hotels with a seamless way for guests to tip staff.
    • Affordable HR Benefit: It also serves as an affordable human resource benefit for hotel employees.
    • Payment Integration: Scantotip integrates with payroll systems, meeting IRS and regulatory requirements.
    • Experience Matters: Partnering with a company experienced in financial payments ensures a smooth implementation.
    • Compliance: Scantotip aligns with revised standard of care guidelines.
  4. Benefits for Travelers:

    • Convenience: No more hunting for loose bills—guests can tip directly from their mobile phones.
    • Secure: Safe and contactless—no direct physical interaction required.
    • Recognition for Associates: Staff members receive recognition and increased take-home pay.
    • Cashless Society: Scantotip addresses the challenges posed by a cashless society.
  5. The TipYo Way: One QR Code per Property:

    • Scantotip’s single QR code solution simplifies the process for guests.
    • With just one QR code, guests can tip any employee or pooled category at the hotel.
    • This approach saves both money and staff time compared to employee-specific QR codes used by other providers.

Whether you’re a traveler looking to express gratitude or a hospitality company aiming to enhance guest experiences, Scantotip offers a seamless, efficient, and secure way to tip in the modern era. 

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